One of these days I will figure it out. Maybe!

My little Emmie was poking me in a place I did not appreciate being poked. I asked her to stop but instead she giggled and did it again. I wanted to tell her that if she did not stop I would break her finger. How could I say that to a little princess who kisses me on the cheek and tells me that she loves me and I am her favorite mommy? She trusts me to take care of her and to protect her. So instead I said "If you do it one more time I am going to break your... TOYS!"   She looked shocked - then her eyes filled with  tears and she began to pout. Uhh.  That is not what I expected at all. So I said, "Okay I will not break your toys  but I will break your finger?".  She looked up , smiled and then started to laugh.  I just do not get it!  She is getting ready to start preschool and she said that she can not go.  I asked her why and she threw her arms in the air and said " Because I do not know anything!" She makes me smile.  

They all go back to school this week and I am very curious what I am going to do with those 4 hours that I will have to myself for the first time in many years. I am almost nervous about it. But I know I will get used to it and most likely enjoy it. 

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It will be difficult at first with the house all quiet, but then you will start to truly savor that precious "alone" time & just how much you can accomplish in 4 hours!
:) CAS
CreationsbyGena said…
Awwww you are such a sucker! LOL I sure miss when Aj and Tracie were little and driving me crazy.It is funny for back then I wanted to kill them, now I can look back and cherish those good and bad moments.

You will be just fine once school starts back. At first you are not going to know what to do with yourself. Watch a little tv, clean and then get back to doing what you love. Just enjoy the time you have for you. What ever you do DON'T FEEL GUILTY. We moms work really hard and we neglect ourselves as we are so busy doing for others.

Think of this time as a reward for all your hard work as the best Mommy ever to those adorable children you have.

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