Great weekend. :)

I had a very nice weekend. It was my birthday and I got treated very nice. :) Can not complain. I have a great family and lots of friends that love me and are not afraid to tell me that they do! The only sad part about my friends is they live so far away. :( There is one in particular that I am talking about and that is Gena. She is the SWEATEST! She gave me a gift certificate for her online store - Gena's Creations. I got to choose some super yummy smelly stuff that she made and sells for pretty nice prices. I can not wait to get them in the mail. :)

I went to paintings I love this weekend on the internet and was going to update my profile. It turns out they erased everything that I have had on there as if I had not even put anything in there. So I had to redo some things. I just added about 4 things. I am not going to add it all. I will just add what I am working on recently. I am also going to take one of the challenges again. I started the sketch today. A basket and lace. Geeshhh.. I have painted lace before so let me see if I can paint it again. I also made my aunt Heather a hat. I promised her I would last winter and she happened to remind me when she called me to wish me a happy birthday! Its actually really cute the way it turned out. Well anyways I am going to get off and work on the new painting. I am putting it on canvas paper and it seams that Strathmore has changed their way of making the paper. It is no longer stiff. Its actually really loose. I do not really like it. Its for practice purpose so it will be alright. Okay! Talk to you all later.... This post is kind of a bore.. Sorry.. ;) TALK TO YOU SOON!


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