Gross Flower? Is that possible?

I was reading about the Corpse Flower last night. I had never heard of them till then. Have you seen or heard of these? They are huge! They can grow up to 6 feet tall. The record high is 9 feet. They only bloom for 2 or so days and every 2 - 3 years and sometimes even longer between times. When they open up they smell like a dead body and they attract insects like flies and beetles to pollinate them. When one bloomed in a Botanical Garden in California, they said that normally they get about 50 or so visitors to the garden in a few days - but when this bloomed they had over 5,000. I am pretty sure that is what the number was. There seem to be different looks for these flowers so you can just do an image search for them if you are really interested. I am going to read a bit more about them too. Very interesting flower. Gross.. But interesting. :) 

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Elena said…
Very interesting! I wish I could see one of those!!
Elena (I followed you from Zibbet... my blog is )

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