I am a mother, a grandmother and a contemporary realist painter currently living in Montana. I was encouraged to be an artist when I was younger due to some sad events in my life. Through this experience I started to learn and understand how much of an impact being an artist and the art world in general could have on a person if given a chance. Later, I wanted to be a seascape painter and went to school where I received my Associates in Fine Art/Humanities (2007) and have been able to continue my artistic education through books, the internet and personal experiences. Today I do not just paint the ocean but I paint anything that inspires me. Through my artwork, I want to encourage happy thoughts, happy memories and positive perspectives in order to stimulate a happy heart within my viewer whether it be from a nature scene to something as simple as a favorite coffee cup. - Frankie Stockman 2021

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Tuesday. :)

Hi all. So today I had my first day of class since before Christmas. Some day I will be teaching older people and not just kids. Someday :) Anyway - all is well in the house tonight. I have a meeting to go to (teacher). I am not a huge fan of the meetings really. The thing that I do not like about it is that we have to introduce ourselves every single time and I just do not like it. I have a slight anxiety attack every stinking time. So I usually avoid them just for that reason. Someday I think I will get over it. One on one though.. No sweat! 

I am going to be making a dog bed cover for my friend from Creations-by-gena.blogspot.com tonight when I get home. I think its going to turn out really cute. ;) I will for sure show you some pictures. I hope you are all happy and healthy. I just wanted to check in. <3 Have a great rest of the night. 

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Alright. I finished the painting in only 1 day of work time!

Well I am done! I finished it around 10:00 pm tonight. I only worked on it for about 3 hours this weekend and then most of the day today. So I would think that is a day right? Now I am not going to mention the parts that I am not happy with. I do not want to draw your attention to anything that isn't right! (wink). So there it is. 

And now that its done I think I am going to go and lay on the couch with my hunny and watch cartoons! Good night everyone! :):) 

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the painting. :) Thank you! 

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Yoga and Art - LIFESAVERS

. Hi Bloggers. I just wanted to come in and see what everyone was up to and kinda catch up. Today is Monday. I started doing Yoga last week and I have to say - I can not recommend it enough! I feel pretty good. Even only after a week I feel the changes. It hurts but it hurts in the right way! 

I have been working on my dollhouse. It has been sitting in the box for over 2 years. I finally decided it was time to take it out. I am planning on making most everything for it myself. I started with a mattress and a box spring. I put the paper up with scrap book paper and a glue stick. The curtains I made. Also I made the weinscoat (aka paneling) myself out of craft stick and matting board. I just have to fill in that little gap by the window. The window is not straight so I am going to work around that. :) I also made the little rug and the little afigan. I made them all out of cotton crochet thread. I am mad for the blankie. When I was finished I couldn't stop showing everyone how cute it was. I am also going to paint some little paintings for my walls also. :) Dollhouses are addicting! It makes me feel like a little girl again when I work on it. I love that feeling. 

Anywho! I started a new painting also. I have not been able to work on it a whole lot with the weekend and all. I am not sure if I am going to be doing a lot of pictures of the steps that I am taking but I will show you what I have so far. Its not a large painting. I think it is about 8 x 11 or something. I have not painted an ocean scene I think since last summer so I am trying to get back into the swing of the water and the shifts and turns.  Also the bow... That I call my little victorian bow. I made it last night while watching my kids clean their room. I wrote it all down so its now my own personal pattern. 

I hope you are all doing well and having a good beginning of the week. I wish you all happiness and joy! I will catch up again very soon! :):) 


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In need of time to myself

Hi everyone who is listening. I am sorry that I have not been in here such a long time. The internet has been such a distraction for me for a while and I have really tried to stay away from it as much as I can. The good thing about it is while I have been away I have actually sold my first painting! It was a commissioned painting. So I suppose that makes me "BONIFIED". If that is actually how to spell the word. Anyway.. I have been sitting and wondering what to do now. I really have no idea what I want to say as an artist. I just like to paint! I have no idea what else to say. Its great therapy. That's all I know. When I am painting - I am not thinking about how afraid I am to lose one of my kids. I am not thinking about how afraid I am that my husband could lose his job. I am not thinking about how much I miss my family back home. I am not thinking about how I am getting older. I am just thinking about what I am doing. All my energy goes into it when I am working on something. It does make me happy.  

Anyway. Let me hook up my phone to my computer so that I can share with you the painting. I actually recorded my progress so I will share that with you here.    Oh and my cow painting. Not sure if I shared this one with you or not... I gave that to charity and it was raffled off. Over 750 people bought a ticket worth $1 so they could have a chance to win my painting. Nice for charity. ;) 

Alright let me introduce you to Buster. I will walk you through this in some of these. I just like to explain everything. 

When I started this was not the original composition that we had agreed on. The first one I painted the underpainting and then for some reason stopped. I could not move forward. I hated it. I sat on it for a couple of days and then finally called her and said: I am so sorry. I can not finish the painting like this. I have to change it. I love Buster (I know him personally) and I know that this just isn't him. I gotta do my own thing. She is such a great lady she agreed and gave me free range. So this was my new idea. The greens were so YELLOW though. I hated it. Instead of being discouraged I just slowed down and worked on toning down the trees into a more dark green. I think it worked out nice. 

The start of Buster. And some toned trees. 

I always paint the eye first. I always draw the eyes first also. 

The other dog is just a picture that I had of him. I kinda tilted his look a bit but its okay. Doesn't have to be perfect. I kept telling myself that also through out the painting. These are my exact words : FRANKIE THIS IS A ROMANTIC REPLICA OF BUSTER AND THE WORLD AROUND HIM! NOT AN EXACT. and it kept me going :) 

Putting in the background. No idea what I was doing. I was just throwing stuff in. 

Leaves for the trees. 

Filling in Buster was the most time consuming part. Took me two days to paint him. 

The family is from Texas so I threw in some blue bonnets to go with the sky and for Texas. :) The painting is a bit darker than this.. The one below here is about the right colors. It is a 20" X 16" Oil on Canvas. And its called BUSTER. 

And yes that is my foot. ;) 

So that is what I am up to. 

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Small Works For Sale

AFFORDABLE SMALL WORKS OF ART All artwork on this page is for sale.   *****************************    2 1/2" x 3 1/2" ...