Alright. I finished the painting in only 1 day of work time!

Well I am done! I finished it around 10:00 pm tonight. I only worked on it for about 3 hours this weekend and then most of the day today. So I would think that is a day right? Now I am not going to mention the parts that I am not happy with. I do not want to draw your attention to anything that isn't right! (wink). So there it is. 

And now that its done I think I am going to go and lay on the couch with my hunny and watch cartoons! Good night everyone! :):) 

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the painting. :) Thank you! 

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Thank you Tammy. I decided that I am going to combine my art and other twitters together. Then I will be more willing to spend more time on there. I just feel so overwhelmed with all that stuff going on all the time. I have been hiding from it for a long time! hahah.. :) So tonight.. I Have a date today to play upwords with my friend so that's why I have to wait till tonight.. oh yes and I need to go to the hobby lobby and pick up some fabric.

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