Tuesday. :)

Hi all. So today I had my first day of class since before Christmas. Some day I will be teaching older people and not just kids. Someday :) Anyway - all is well in the house tonight. I have a meeting to go to (teacher). I am not a huge fan of the meetings really. The thing that I do not like about it is that we have to introduce ourselves every single time and I just do not like it. I have a slight anxiety attack every stinking time. So I usually avoid them just for that reason. Someday I think I will get over it. One on one though.. No sweat! 

I am going to be making a dog bed cover for my friend from Creations-by-gena.blogspot.com tonight when I get home. I think its going to turn out really cute. ;) I will for sure show you some pictures. I hope you are all happy and healthy. I just wanted to check in. <3 Have a great rest of the night. 

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