Yoga and Art - LIFESAVERS

. Hi Bloggers. I just wanted to come in and see what everyone was up to and kinda catch up. Today is Monday. I started doing Yoga last week and I have to say - I can not recommend it enough! I feel pretty good. Even only after a week I feel the changes. It hurts but it hurts in the right way! 

I have been working on my dollhouse. It has been sitting in the box for over 2 years. I finally decided it was time to take it out. I am planning on making most everything for it myself. I started with a mattress and a box spring. I put the paper up with scrap book paper and a glue stick. The curtains I made. Also I made the weinscoat (aka paneling) myself out of craft stick and matting board. I just have to fill in that little gap by the window. The window is not straight so I am going to work around that. :) I also made the little rug and the little afigan. I made them all out of cotton crochet thread. I am mad for the blankie. When I was finished I couldn't stop showing everyone how cute it was. I am also going to paint some little paintings for my walls also. :) Dollhouses are addicting! It makes me feel like a little girl again when I work on it. I love that feeling. 

Anywho! I started a new painting also. I have not been able to work on it a whole lot with the weekend and all. I am not sure if I am going to be doing a lot of pictures of the steps that I am taking but I will show you what I have so far. Its not a large painting. I think it is about 8 x 11 or something. I have not painted an ocean scene I think since last summer so I am trying to get back into the swing of the water and the shifts and turns.  Also the bow... That I call my little victorian bow. I made it last night while watching my kids clean their room. I wrote it all down so its now my own personal pattern. 

I hope you are all doing well and having a good beginning of the week. I wish you all happiness and joy! I will catch up again very soon! :):) 


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