Happy Valentines Day!

Happy V. Day to all. Today is the day that I remember that if no one has given me a gift then I will go out of my way to give someone else one so that they do not feel like I could be feeling!   Seriously though. I try not to worry about what I am or am not getting on a day like this. I would rather give then receive so last night me and the little ones made bracelets for their teachers. I think they turned out really super cute!

In all it was nice because I know they are happy but it did have its headache moments. When my son strung out all his beads and then cried for an hour about how he cant do it right because he picked it up too soon and it all came off the other end. Doesn't matter though. It worked out in the end. 

Hope you are all having a great day! <3

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CreationsbyGena said…
I am sure the teachers that receive these will love them. You are so thoughtful Frankie and that is one of the things I love about you my dear friend! Have a grrreat day yourself! ((HUGS))

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