I hate cooking.

Welp. I started my dollhouse painting this morning. I have been working on it here and there as I clean my house and make my dinner. I decided to make two dinners tonight so I do not have to cook tomorrow. I will let you in on a little secret of mine. I really hate to cook. I can tell you all the reasons why but it would take a really long blog entry and it would probably put you to sleep with all of the mental issues I would bring up. But anyways - here is a couple of pictures of progress. ;)  This painting is the size of an ACO art card. I think it should be smaller for the doll house so if I have to I will trim it up. Or if all else fails.. its now an art card! :) 

The only thing that I knew I was going to paint was the milk house. The landscape is just me going along as I go along. No direction really. Its probably pretty obvious. Its a mess. I do like making these tiny little things because I do not have to worry so much about details and people getting up so close and trying to pick it apart.  Or is that just me that does that?    Okay. Kids are calling "mom I need help with my homework" and the painting should be dry so I can get back to it also. Busy busy!   Hope you are all having a good night. Hope to talk to you soon!

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bonnathan said…
i love that you cooked 2 dinners!! :) and i love the art work and it is NOT a mess!! thats you picking stuff apart, dont be so critical of yourself!! Have a good night im holding a squirmy baby and typing....gotta go!!! XXOXO
I love squirmy babies. That is why I think I had so many. :) And thank you. XO right back. :)
Just so you know miss Bon.. I had NO CLUE who you were till just now! hahahah... I love you. I actually made a roast for tonights dinner and ham and beans for tomorrow.
CreationsbyGena said…
Oh I like this aceo Frankie! I hope you make more!
I just learned what the difference between ACO and ACEO is now. :)

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