If I had a brain I would be dangerous!

Its been a while since I have left a block entry. Seems to happen to me a lot right? I actually started layering paint on the canvas today. I was supposed to have started this painting two weeks ago. But sometimes you have to get your head on straight in order to do things for others. So that's what I was working on. Its on and I am feeling alright about it again. Right now I am painting the porcelain (if you could only see how long it took me to spell that word! Oh my goodness!) cookie jar. Besides lace, I have not painted a white glass object. Silver object.. yes. So I had to spend a couple of days daydreaming about how I was going to paint the shadows and stuff. Not really good with the artistic lingo! Sorry. Hues - undertones - moving on! So I will be sharing some pictures with you soon. I can not take any right now because my phone is being charged. But soon very soon!  

Let me ask you something. When you paint - does it seem like its a new experience every time? Reason why I ask is because it seems like every time I get started on a project I think that the struggle will be much less than it was the last time I painted.. NOPE! I look back and wonder "how the heck did I paint those other ones?" hahah. If I had a brain - I would be dangerous! 

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Sandra Tyler said…
The "struggle" I suppose keeps us going. If it were easy, it would be boring .

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