Latest update! I bought a new toy also.

I worked on my painting for a couple of hours yesterday. I wanted to show you the update. Also I took a picture of the picture that I am working from to show you what I am trying to accomplish. It seems to be getting a lot easier. If I do not think about it and just GO it works out and comes together. But I seem to forget that trick every time I start a new painting. :)   So anywayysss. let me see what I have here... 

Of course I need to do a TON more work. Bonnet is not done. Glasses are not done.. background... table.. etc.. etc.. LOTS TO DO STILL. But its better than I thought it would be. I still have a lot of highlights and such on the cookie jar. I was looking them up lastnight and this jar was made by McCoy in 1945 I believe. So here is the picture that I was sent... 

So you can see that I am trying to just rearrange things the way I think look nice. I am not painting that bonnet however. I am putting in her blue one instead I think. 

On to the other thing that I wanted to share with you this morning. I bought a new toy! I got these in the mail yesterday. I am pretty excited about trying them out. They are pastels. When you open them they look like make up! They kinda feel like it too. Very smooth. I am going to use them to hopefully enhance my drawings. I wanted to draw something very nice for my grandmother. Her 90th bday is coming up at the end of the month. So I will be sharing that project with you also.

Hope you all have a great day. I am going to go and work on the painting some more and then I will send an updated photo again! :) 

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MadeByTammy said…
Love your new painting!
Thank you Tammy. The woman that I am painting it for , her name is Tammy too. She saw this update and said so far I really like it. But I am having trouble with the bonnet. it looks like a conductors hat. I said. well what do you think would look better? Do you have any suggestions? (we are close friends) She says a few things then I realize.. She thinks I have already painted it! hahaha.. I told her that I hadn't yet and it had just been kinda blocked in is all. Then we both started laughing. I love her. :) She said.. Okay.. then I am just going to shut up and let you do your thing! She makes it fun.

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