Slowly and steady wins the race!

I called my blog entry this today because I have been moving pretty slow with this painting. I just wish there were other things that I could blog about to fill in the gaps.  Ever get to a place where you just don't want to talk about much? I did see a funny sushi picture today however! I found this picture at I thought it was very interesting and wondered how they did stuff like this. 

 I saw this motivational poster and I thought it was great. The comedian that is featured on the front is one of my favorites. His jokes are so ridiculous that I can not help to laugh. I am a huge fan of Jack Handy too! 

Alright.. Now let me see what I did with that picture of my painting. I worked and reworked the cloth on the bonnet. I knew I would have trouble but I just needed to relax and try to visualize what cloth looks like. I see it every day I should know by now right?? You would think! 

It is kinda at a funny angle because I am looking down at it. I set it on the chair. I always look at the paintings through my camera or through my mirror. If I like it when look through the camera then I will take a picture and show it. But if I dont, then I put the camera down and work on what is bugging me.   So there is the bonnet. Not really loving the side over behind the bear.. where you can just see a tiny bit of it.. but I will work on that later.  Its coming together. Slowly. :) 

Here is one more thing that I am sharing from my very close friend Gena's blog @ Creations - by - Gena. She does this thing where every day of the month is themed and you share a photo that has to do with that theme. I hope I said that right. Anyways here is the "March Agenda" if you would like to participate. I will do it when I come on to leave a blog.. 

So today is bedside. As I turn around to look at the side of my bed.. Oh brother. I am sure you don't want to see that. Its a huge mess. I have books everywhere. I stack them up because I love reading books before I go to bed at night. Helps me relax..   Let me see.. hold on.. I will see if I can take one that does not make me look so bad! hhahhah.. Its seriously a HUGE MESS! I can not believe I am actually going to show you this. 

As you can see I am a very simple person. But very messy. I am working on a project right there when I go to bed at night. I like to crochet also! hahah.. The black and tan thing on the floor is going to be a vacuum cover. She is like a big doll that fits over it. Loads of work. Then I was making some kitty collars. And of course there are my books that I like to read before I go to bed too. The little table my son made for me in wood shop and that is all I need. To me its a beautiful piece of furniture and I need nothing more! I never make my bed.  And the candle smells so good that I love laying in bed and being able to smell it. Ohhh and I bought that lamp for like 5.00 at walmart a couple of years ago. The matching one is on the other side. I was madly in love with them. They don't match but I love them just the same! So there it is. MY BEDSIDE mess. 

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CreationsbyGena said…
Your Painting is coming along nicely. Just try not to over think it though. :o) I see you are joining in on the fun (finally) on the March photo a day challenge. woo hoo. I love that your son made the little table that you use. By the way, that wall color... looks like the same in my bedroom! How funny is that!
Pretty funny. I puta similar color in my bathrooms too because I really liked hoe the silver handles reflected the color. Almost looks copper.

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