Cleaning my room.

Trying to get a ton of stuff done in this heat is not so easy. We are supposed to be moving in the near future and I need to get the house ready for sale. It's not that easy with 5 lazy kids at home! I am supposed to be having a yard sale. I know this sounds really silly but I am kinda hesitant about doing it because - well - it's a little embarrassing I guess. We have two broken windows upstairs from the kids and I am hoping that the yard sale will at least pay for one. ;) I can dream right??  I am sure I have not yet mentioned that my back window in my truck was smashed in by a brick. Not sure who threw it. I am just guessing it was a teenager looking for revenge. My daughter is going to help me pay for that. She can be a good girl for the most part. 

I am not sure if I want to mess with my blog. Meaning - do I want to change it around or just leave it?? I don't know yet.

I did start another painting last night. I have yet to work on it today. My hunny bunny turns 35 today so I want to make sure he has a cake when he gets home and the kids want to put up streamers and yell "surprise" when he gets home. I think it will make him smile. :) He is such a good daddy. 

Alright well I had better go and finish cleaning. I have to call Avon today too and return the bug spray that I had ordered. It works very well but I just haven't had the "sales mode" on this summer. 

Have a good day bloggers! XOXO

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Unknown said…
Happy late birthday to your Hunny Bunny. :)
Thank you! ;) I was in shock to see a comment! hhahah.. Hope everything is going well with you :)

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