Fires In Oklahoma

This is not the greatest weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma area. We have some crazy wild fires buring. Homes are being evacuated and burned. It's really sad. I thought all was saved when I saw lighting coming from the direction of the fires... Unfortunately the frontal winds made the fire worse and shift its position and it did not rain much if at all. I am hoping that maybe you who is reading this today can send a prayer asking for rain with less winds and lightening and spare all those who are in danger of losing their homes and lives. 

I painted a little bit more tonight. I picked up a painting that I really did not want to finish and ended up finishing it. I also did some changed to another one that I had thought was finished. I just did not like the stones it the picture so I went ahead and changed them a little.  I have been making little notes for my artist statement also. I think that is going to take me a couple more days! It's not an easy task. I thought it was going to be but I was very wrong! :) 

So here is the little painting that I worked on tonight and I feel is finished. 

My cell phone camera really stinks! It seems like they are going to come in very clean but then when I look back at them - fuzzy. When I make my own art site I am going to get them all scanned so they will be perfect. Since this is just my blog I think it will be alright for now. :) 

Thank you for coming in and looking at the work and praying for those who are affected by the wildfires here. XO Frankie

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