Fresh Eyes!

I really could not think of anything to blog about today so I decided that I would use silly reason.. I got new glasses today. My old ones were done and I never used them. I hate to wear them. I have had to since I was a little girl. They are only for close up things however. I am very near sighted? I guess. When things get to close to my face - my eyes will cross and I have to back up really fast. Its really odd. So these are just for reading, painting, computer etc. I took a picture to show you how they look - 

This is very recent. I just took it like 20 min. ago! I did kinda messed with it so that you can not see any zits or gray hair! hahah. :) Love the computer. I took it with my web cam. 

So now my new project will be to make myself and eyeglass case. Not sure how I want to make it but when I do - I will def. show it to you. For now I am going to go and make some cell phone cases. My friend liked them enough and asked me if I could make her a couple. 

Alright! XOXO Keep safe! Frankie

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