Lost in Space

It is 2:46 am right now. I am way passed my bed time. I stayed up late watching a show that I am currently addicted to - FRINGE. Well it got me to thinking about things and it brought back some memories and again I have been thinking about Neptune and space. What holds space!?? When I took an Astronomy class I thought if I ever had an out of body experience I would want to go to Neptune. 

Isn't it such a pretty planet?? I think going to Jupiter would be pretty fun too. You could survive if you were energy traveling around right? However if you are energy and there is so much twisting and turning already on these planets, is it possible you would be lost in it? Swept up and mixed in all the mess? Eh. I don't really even know if all of that sort of thing is real. I think about it and it scares me. Not sure if I even want to know to be honest. Out of body experience and stuff. Now you know what I think about when people leave me to myself. I think about God a lot when I am alone. Ghosts and if they are real. Every once in a while I entertain the thought of being able to move things with my mind or shooting electricity out of my fingertips. I really should go to bed. I am getting tired finally.  I will read this tomorrow and wonder why I published it. :) But I will leave it anyway.  XO Frankie

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