Music to survive by.

"The beauty of music has the ability to speak where words fail.” (Robert Gupta)

I really should be cleaning and doing the things that I need to get done but something happen. I found this TED talk and I had to tell you about it. I had just posted on my facebook fan page Frankie's Art Projects a song that I loved so much. When I hear it I can not explain how it makes me feel. The best way to explain it is it makes me feel healthy and beautiful. I know to some that may sound absurd. I also know to others, they know what I am talking about. I watched this video and all I could was sit and cry. I am a cry baby but art (music, poetry, painting etc its all art to me) is so important and so many people do not understand why. This man Robert Gupta explains a little about it. 

There was a time in my life when I was not that happy. I listened to music all the time and sang sang sang. I sang as loud as I wanted because it was just me and the kids who could hear me. I hope! They tell me now as they are older how they remember I always had the stereo going. My life changed and I did not do the things that I did so much because I thought if I was going to change then I was going to change everything. I didn't want anything from that life anymore. After a while I realized I "needed" to hear that old music again so I started to listen to it. I noticed something. The words were bringing me down and making me angrier and sadder. It was like they were feeding me what I was trying avoid. So that is when I decided I wanted to listen to classical instead. It made so much sense. I can listen to songs with lyrics but I choose them wisely now. They must be happy and make me feel healthy and good. If they do not - then I want nothing to do with them. Pay attention. Art is very powerful and we all need it.  I am trying to teach all this to my children so they can make the world a better place and be happy people also. 

I hope you all have a good day! XO! Frankie

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