Free Art Card!

Once again I am giving away a free art card on my fat site. If you are interested in winning it please stop by. There are a few guide lines that you have to follow in order to be added to the drawing. 

1. You must be a fan of the page with your reg. facebook account. Not your fan site. 

2. You must leave a comment under the picture of what I am offering for free. If you only press the "like" button on the picture it will not count. You must leave any kind of comment. A heart shape is good enough for me! 

3. And last if you win you must send me your address within two days so that I can send you the item. If you do not send me the address within those days then I will move on to the next person in line for the win.

I know this seems like a lot of rules but I am trying to keep it fun and fair for everyone who enters. I very much appreciate the fans of my art so I want to make sure they all get a fair shot at the prize. More prizes are given away often so you might not win this time - but there is always a next! <3 Hope to see you there! Just follow this link to the facebook page! 

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