I am finished with my painting! Seems to be a big hit. Lucy's owner is very happy with it and so am I! The painting is of average size (20x16).  Now on to the next. I have two that I have lines up but I am waiting for photos.. and one that I just want to do because I need the practice. I want to try to learn how to paint people now. That would be a huge accomplishment for me. HUGE challenge! I give mad respect for those who can do it :)  

I decided to do another giveaway on my fan site. An art card. I actually painted just for the giveaway. If you are interested in trying your luck feel free to hop on over there and read up on how to enter! 
Frankie's Art Projects And this is the art card that I will be handing over to the winner. It is my third one now that I have given away! Its very fun. If anyone is ever interested in trading - let me know. I am going to start a folder for "trading cards only". 

Well I better go now. I hope to see you there! 
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