Updated for Hrudey

As soon as I was finished with my last painting - I started another. This is also of a dog. This dog however has passed on. He belonged to a very special woman in my life. She is what I call my "other mother". She has been there for me and loved me and my kids since I was 16. She owns a huge piece of my heart! She heard a puppy wining and crying in her backyard one day and he was there. So small. Someone had just left him in their yard hoping they would keep him. And they did. He grew up one of the most spoiled dogs ever! 

Here is just an updated picture of it. It should be done but I took a week off from working on it. Shame. :) The colors are very bright in this picture. I have not figured out what I want to do with the background yet. If I am going to leave it as it is or if I will put in a landscape. I will have to think about it. :) 
(Actual Photo)

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