The Crow

I recently went through this problem (and its not the first time) where I want to  paint like someone else. I saw this woman's paintings (Painted Sky) and I thought of how much I loved them. I really like the surreal paintings. But I also really like paintings that are abstract as well! (Paintings by TAB) Well I am more of a realist painter I guess. At least that is where I always look to. So I decided that I wanted to try to paint something in a surrealist style. I started it out and I got this far -  A sky and some ground. Well my plan was to put this hanging dead crow but I couldn't vision it. It was just going to hang from no where in the sky but then I started to think of it realistically as to where would I put the shadow and where would the shadow meet with the ground to show that its not right in front.. Anyways the more that I did this the more I saw this painting in my mind - as my style and no longer in a surrealist way. I became frustrated. I got so frustrated that I walked away. I was bitchy and impatient with everyone around me after that. I sat down and decided to watch a movie. The movie that came on was some Thomas Kinkade story. It was not that great of a movie honest but I watched it. His mentor (Glen Wessler??) said something to him about painting what he loves and not what others love even when it seems like he should. Or at least that is what I heard! He could have said something else entirely. Either way it triggered something in my head. I decided that the reason why I love these paintings so much is not because I want to paint them but its because I LOVE ART. I love all kinds of art. The reason I can't paint this type of art is because I am not a surrealist. I am not an impressionist. I am more of a realist painter. So why on earth would I want to paint something that I am not? Today I feel so much better and I am happier to get back to the way I was painting before I thought I could paint this crow. XOXO 

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