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I love my art because I love my art.

Learning to love Modern Art!

It was a gamble but I had to try something! Fixing a rip in the painting.

Working with the Clipper Ship...

I just gotta keep painting - even when I don't want to!

What I learned while painting Walt Whitman

Flesh Color

Thuggee! What is that?

Updated on my recent painting - Walt Whitman

Painting Walt Whitman - Poet

Three Daisy Square (Free Crochet Pattern)

Are Artists Really Insane or Just Think They Are?

Lee Steen - Self Taught Artist in Roundup Montana.

Crochet Pattern - Tulip Square

Crochet Pattern - Large Flower Hexagon

Summer is here! And I need to prepare for it. Mentally!

How I Make My Sewing Patterns Larger

Pretty Egg Carton Lights!