Why I keep a list of paintings I have seen.

I have this list on paper that I made the last time I went to the Philbrook Art Museum. The museum had a group of paintings from the "Speed Art Museum". Photo from the Tulsa World. (I went to see them 3 times). Oh it was so wonderful. However I am still very much in love with the British collection of Victorian Era paintings. Some of them made me cry! Anyways - I need to get to the point of this post. :) The reason I made this list last year was so that I could return to these paintings again and again. I can't do it in person but I can on the net! I want to return to them because my perspective on things are always changing. So I might have not liked some of the paintings that I saw then - but may very much love them now. I have learned that in time that I can never put a belief or a thought in stone because I always end up changing it in some way or another. Experience has a tendency to do that to a person! :) So I took out my list last night and I dedicated a board to this list! This way I can keep them all in a group and keep going back when I need to. If you are interested in following this board and my list please go to Paintings I have seen. I only have a couple so far but I will grow as I find them. Some are not easy to find. I may need help sometimes. :) That painting of the woman that you see in the photo - HUGE! I loved sticking my nose as close to it as possible to see where all the brush strokes were! :):):) XOXOXO Frankie

PS I have another board that is for UNFINISHED works of art.. They are not mine - but very important for those of us who are trying to teach ourselves or who just want to see what goes into painting. 

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