Learning how to draw a face!

I was thinking this week about how I want to be able to draw just anyone at any time. I can't sit down and draw a face off the top of my head nor by looking at them. I have to get out the T-square and make the graphs etc. I know there is nothing wrong with all that but I want to better my skills. SO - this weekend I was working on that. I still am but this is what I have without the graphs - The first photo is the first face I drew. Second photo .. the little one in the middle is the second face I drew. Then the third was the guy with the mustache (my favorite because he is funny) and then fourth is the one next to the first girl I drew (hope thats not confusing) And last but not least is the third photo. My son drew the very last one. He is 7. He did a very nice job I think. He just followed along with me as I drew.. 
I also tried to come up with a little formula for drawing lips. It may not work for everyone - but I think its a very nice little start...    
So this is my little chart that I made for myself and then after words I dressed them up a little as I felt I needed. And I do believe it works out! I like the way they come out. :)

I need to do more! I want to keep drawing them until I am happy with what I have! XOXO I will share more as I draw more! 

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Unknown said…
I like your chart for lips. That is pretty much how I do lips. The hardest part of the face for me is the nose. I feel like I either draw too much or not enough. I also draw eyes a lot because I can never get them quite the way I want. I am trying to paint eyes and a nose. I am trying to figure out the best way to define the eyes so they look 3 dimensional. I guess I should work some more on it before the paint dries.
You should join the group that I started on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/groups/TheTroubledArtist/ There is another gal in there that is going through the same thing. We post videos that we find on there and I have put up a couple challenges.. Just for fun .. something to do .. Ya know. :) You can ask any questions... you might like it.. check it out.

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