Pinterest.. How do I love thee?

I was looking around the net lastnight. I am so addicted to pintrest!! I spent like two or three hours on it lastnight. I just "love" to look at things. :):) Anyways - here is my account if you want to see what I like to pin - Frankie's Pinterest  Fair warning though... When I pin.. I PIN! haha.. ;) Anyways... I found this really cute little app for my blog today. You can put together puzzles. I am addicted to it because they have a timer! UGG. Why. I just wanted to put them together for fun then I saw that timer and now - I am in a race to be above average! When does it end? I am going to post the puzzle game to the side of the blog so that you can play too. So how is everyone? My babes are still on vacation. We are building a doll house with the girls. Its really cute. They are loving it. I am hoping it will keep them out of mine! :) I wanted to check in and tell you all hi and hope you are doing well. HAPPY NEW YEAR three days later. :) Its still pretty new so I think I am safe. :) 
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