Love your painting Frankie.. Love it.

Well I am painting again. This time I have a couple paintings going at the same time. I am not painting them at the same time. I just can't. I would get all over whelmed with the different stuff going on. Its like Math - one problem at a time. However I do have this black and white painting sitting off to the side. I am trying the "dead layer" technique. It takes a couple of days to dry if you are doing it in oils. And I am. So I will have to update you on that painting later. The one that I am actually working on is a little larger. I think its about 3 foot by 2 foot. Something like that anyway! Well I am painting and painting. Taking me some time. I always get to the point where I am sick of the painting and I want to just hurry up and get it done. I think the faster I can paint - the better a painter I am. Well I am wrong and foolish for thinking that. I can watch people paint and take their time. I watched a video on youtube where this man was touching his painting so soft and so careful. It made me just calm down and realize that these things are not just something to rush. They are mine. Like my children Ive gotta take the time and be gentle. So I am slowing down right now. And I am loving this painting for what it is.. Mine :) So I am sure its going to take me another 4 or so days and that is okay. I will take the time. I do like being a painter. 

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