Pretty Egg Carton Lights!

I decided to try a pinterest project that I saw. I have tried a couple and I have only really enjoyed ... this one! I love my lights! 

Now I had to kinda figure out what they were doing and I didn't want you to have that same issue so I went step by step to show you what I, myself had done (with a little help from my eldest daughter). 

First thing that I did was take an old steak knife and cut along the middle of the egg carton slots. I didn't worry about the flat part as much.. Just the part that is protruding out because its really hard to cut those with scissors. So here is one side.. then I flipped it around... 

And I did the same thing going the other way. Um yea.. There is a little bit of egg on that one! Oh well. I will just keep moving forward. 

Now that I have all the middles sliced out.. I took off the sides. So that just those middle little hills with the holes in them are remaining. 

Then I used the scissors to cut them all out individually. 

I was doing them alone and it was taking me a very long time so I recruited my eldest daughter to help me while she is home from college for the summer. Here she is rounding off the tops to make them look more like a petal. You could probably leave them just like this too if you wanted.

They are stacking up! 

Time for the paint! 

I painted them inside and out. I used a metallic copper color for the entire "flower". Then a gold for the rim of the petals. And last but not least I used a clear gold colored glitter paint to put on the inside for more shimmer. 

Here they are drying. They were all on a plate and it actually looked like food! All the paint that I put on the cartons ended up stiffening the flowers so that made me happy. I thought they were going to be more fragile then they turned out to be. 

Here is my hand after doing some painting. It looked like I was turning to copper slowly. 

After a night of drying.. I slid them onto the lights! I was thinking about gluing them on.. but decided not to. Just slid them on. I had to use the scissors and cut little slits by the holes so they would fit on better. 

They are pretty! 
 I like them.

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CreationsbyGena said…
Ms. Frankie, These are pretty darn cool my friend. I threw away an egg carton today, but now I am rethinking perhaps I should keep it. LOL Seems like alot of work, but well worth it in the end. I love finding projects on pinterest too. I have several baby ones I am working on now. Perhaps when I am done with those I can get back to your inspiration here for making some for the travel trailer! Thanks for sharing! ((HUGS)) G.
You know Gena.. I was thinking that this would be a nice project for the RV! :) Add a little cuteness to the inside of it. :):) I may actually do that myself. I still have a million egg cartons from when I was saving them from the first ones. :)

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