Are Artists Really Insane or Just Think They Are?

I think there are different types of insanity for artist. Me, I am in overdrive all the time.Tonight I am sitting here with a million different things I want to make. It gets to the point where I become so overwhelmed that it might even depress me? Could it possibly be depressing to have too many art projects to do at a time? Almost like when your house is so messy and you just become overwhelmed and just sit down? But then you keep thinking about the mess and looking at it and it is depressing. Well that is kinda how I feel. Lets see .. I am going to make a list...

1. Story Stones. 
2. Inspirational words rocks.
3. 4 mini paintings of flowers (called portrait of a flower)
4. Large painting of Mnt. Whitney.
5. Kitten drawing for a friend. 
6. Dog painting for a friend (need larger pictures though)
7. Plaster stenciling on my walls.
8. Drawing of Bird Tail. 
9. Sewing a bag.
10. Making my daughter a skirt.
11. Making flags for the girl's room. 
12. Making quilts for the kids. 

So these are the things that I need to do. I have started a couple of them already. They are all just kinda sitting around and so am I. I am listening to Pandora and telling my creative genius to take a break! She is in complete over drive right now. I should probably do the children's things first but I really want to paint first! Wait.. I will start with the smallest projects first... Inspirational rocks and story stones.... Maybe... 

Ever have one of these days?? 

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