Thuggee! What is that?

I was watching Ancient Aliens today and I learned something new! I learned where the nick name "Thug" came from. I haven't blogged in a while so I wanted to come in and tell you what I learned. One of you might find it interesting as I did.   

It came from the word Thuggee. Back in the day (as early as the 1300s I read) there was a cult or group of men who would go around killing and robbing people. From what I understand they would do it like Robin Hood style and wait in bushes or trees and hold up people who were passing by. They wore these handkerchief type garments and would wrap them around their victim's neck and strangle them. They did not cut them or spill blood because they worshiped a Hindu goddess by the name of Kali. According to my sources (Ancient Aliens) they did not want their victims to bleed because then Kali could come and take their blood. They wanted to make sure none of it was wasted for her.  And that is why they call people who like to rob and take from others,  thugs. 

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