Really needing to get back to painting!

I want to say that I feel awful for not coming in here and posting on my blog, but to be honest I really don't. What makes me feel awful is what I posted about the last time I was here! My grandparents' portraits. You know I am STILL not done! That is what makes me feel awful. It has been such a weight on my shoulders. I do have some updates for you! I guess that is a good thing. Working all the time now really takes a lot of my time. I am wanting to change that. I really want to get back to my art work and be a full time artist. I think it would be wonderful! I really think that this time I can pull it off..  

The flowers in my grandmothers hair need to be worked. They are "supposed" to be apple blossoms. She is from Michigan! :) I was trying to be thoughtful. Also there are many things on here that need working. I thought I could put an arch over their heads but I don't know how well that is working out as you can see I left it out because ... its not what I see in my mind. 

It seems so simple so why can't I just finish it?? Its been a year! Usually it only takes me a couple days or even two or so weeks! This is getting out of control. 

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