Winter Elk Progress

I have been feeling very happy because this weekend I was able to paint! I drew this picture last week and then decided to work on it yesterday (saturday). I was very excited to see how fast it went. I am sure it is due to the fact that my background is very simple. 

I really had no direction as to where to start so I just "started". Sometimes you just have to! So I did put in some snow in the background and then started to do my under painting on the elk. 

I really didn't feel like waiting for it to dry so I just started to try to put in the details. As you can see I had to erase some of his nose. So the wet paint mixed in with the snow, making it looks dirty. 

After about an hour, I had gotten pretty far. So I just kept going.. 

Farther...    I was getting ready to get rid of the "erase" marks by his face and legs and I thought, I do like the smudges by his nose because it gives off the sense of breathing. However I thought it looked too dark... So I tried to fix it.. I should have just left it!

It is now Sunday and I am this far. I am going to go ahead and let it all dry for now. As you can see, I tried to make his breath so that it was coming out in a powerful snort. I don't know how I feel about it. I might have to go back and make it how it was before.

If you keep up with me and saw the last elk painting I did, you can see that the hair on these animals are so different. In the winter they really get long hair! So this elk here is much more fuzzy than the last one and a lot smaller in size so the detail was a bit harder to achieve. Either way, I think when it is all done and I have added more highlights and shadows, it will be perfect! 

Hope you are having a great weekend as I am!


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