Herb Rogers - The Artist With A Heart and Purpose

Herb Rogers - Art With A Heart and Purpose

- Can you please share a little of your background? For example, where you are from and how your artwork ties into your culture or where you live.

I live in a place called Cossayuna, N.Y.  It’s just a few hops, skips, leaps and jumps from Vermont. I live on a back-dirt road that can be tricky in the winter. The post office doesn’t deliver mail because they say it’s too scary in the winter months, but that’s ok because I can go check my mail at the post office at 3 a.m. if I feel like it. 

By Herb Rogers - [Post Office]

- Which situations or experiences have helped you evolve as an artist? For example; what makes you who you are?

I have wild life all around me. I guess that's where I come up with the idea to do wild life art. I can't really say what gives me the notion ta create. I just woke up one morning back in December of 2011 and had the yearning ta paint. 

By Herb Rogers 

- Does your work carry a message? If it does not, then can you tell me why you make it?

At first, I would paint just ta paint but now I do art I call with a purpose. It’s usable and it has a cause.

- Do you actively seek out opportunities or do you just go with the flow? Why? How is that working out for you?

The only place I advertise the art, is on face book and a few stores, creative works and rustic charm you can find them both here on facebook. 

- Do you find it difficult to price your work? Why?

I never find it hard to price my work. I try to keep the prices low so the poor person can afford it. If they want a piece, I let them take it and tell them to pay when they can. 

- Which pieces are you most proud of? Why?

I guess the piece I’m most proud of is the Elephant pot holder rack I made cause it's something my wife wanted. 

- How do you feel after completing a project?

Before I get a piece finished, my mind is working on what’s next. If I’m not working on art then it's a guitar, banjo or key board. 

By Herb Rogers

You can find more information about Herb and his recent projects and paintings here: 


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