The Supernatural Breath by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Listen as Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how to properly execute the Supernatural Breath. 

Sometimes we just need that tiny little push to get us going in the right direction again or to even let us know that we are headed in the right direction and today for me, was that day. I found this man for the first time and I could not wait to share his knowledge with you. I tried to do the breathing exactly how he describes it and I felt it! I am going to forever be grateful for this knowledge. 

Towards the end is when he really guides you through the breathing process but I recommend that you watch the entire video. It is worth every second. If you are ready and eager to push forward and heal then you will not just click out of this page. You will open up your mind and your heart and you will listen and learn. If you do not and find it a bore or just not for you then you might not be ready just yet. 

However, I do recommend that after you turn away, keep the idea of pushing forward and healing in the back of your mind because I believe you will be ready for his teaching eventually. This will cross your path again. You will see. 

To learn more about Dr. Dispenza, go to his website: Joe Dispenza


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