Oklahoma Landscape

FOR SALE Oil on Canvas $150.00 without frame
 I got a new job and started in December. I am working in a Contemporary Art Museum as the Gift Shop Manager and it is a new experience for me. I have worked in a Gift Shop before but was not involved with how the Shop actually works. For me, the most enjoyable part of the job is that I can be creative and work on problem solving skills. I am learning new skills as well; budget planning, curative duties and so much more. I have had to give up my studio however.

Because I am working full time now, I can no longer go to the studio unless it is on a weekend. The weekends are when I am able to spend time with my children plus be home relaxing. So I made the choice to give up the studio and move my things back home. I am now bunking in the attic with my teenage daughter. She has the entire attic as a bedroom and agreed to let me take one of the dormer window spaces.

I have only been in the attic for two weeks now and have been able to spend time on my painting. I have set aside about an hour each night after work which enabled me to finish it in no time. So in my heart, there is no sadness anymore, my decision was the right one.


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