Painting Progress

Milk House Art Card

Ocean Card


I couldn't get the photo to turn! I tried but my phone is not being cooperative. 


In this one I am just trying to decide which way the hair will go. Not really practiced on painting loads of hair so I am going with it. ;) I am just having some fun!

I have no photos of the dog so I am trying to figure out how to paint the certain hair style that these pups are given. Trying to see which way the flow of the hair goes. 

That didn't work for me. Instead I decided to draw the legs and the shape of her then I would draw in the flow... seems to work better.. 

This is where I am as of today. I know she has one small bent ear but when I last saw her that is how she looked and i thought it was adorable! Still working on the texture of the hair and the flow. Take time! Also trying to get the shape of her face just right.... It will come along! I can feel it. 

Oh she is looking pretty good! I had to make her eyes a little bigger because someone told me she was looking like a Scottish Terrier instead of a West Highland. This will be the last update for a while. I am going to work on her body now and let the face dry tonight. 

AHH!!! She is becoming so beautiful! Sorry my phone is dying and I cant get the flash to work.. SHE IS SO PRETTY!! Im freakn happy! 
However.. I am not done yet.. I still have a lot to do. I need a background too. I am thinking Miss Lucy belongs in a garden :) 

I think I am finished. 


Cookie Jar


Young Victorian Girl.

Alright. I have started another painting finally. I am taking a whole other approach to this painting. Usually I draw in the lines then block in the paint. This time - I drew in some lines that had no real shape and then I under painted in some dark areas. the under painting took me about ten min. As you can see I have three sets of rocks. One to the right and left and then along the bottom. I am basing this off of a Frederick J. Waugh painting. Its one of his lay outs. Anyways. I am pretty excited to see how this turns out. So far so good. The thing that I am paying most attention to in this project is my perspective. I am not usually good with it and so I am paying EXTRA close attention. :) Already started with the shapes of the rocks.

                                            I ENDED UP SCRAPPING THIS ONE SORRY!

Large SeaScape: This painting I actually started last summer. I only painted the sky then stopped. Then I picked it back up again two months ago and finished it within three or four days. I worked a lot on the water.

My Castle Painting:   This painting here was me practicing to let go. Not really care about certain things. I just wanted to have fun with it. I had found this new green that I fell mad for and I really showed it off in this painting. I learned a few things during this process so I had fun. It was well worth all the van dyke brown and viridian. :) Oh. I guess now you know what I used for that green!


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